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Unlocking Performance Right Now: Through Better Air Quality and Human Movement

Workshop | UbiComp 2018 | Singapore

This workshop brings together designers and researchers working in fields related to air quality and/or human movement/exercise. The purpose is to share ideas and discoveries on the relationship between these factors and cognitive performance, especially at work. Together we will identify potential design touch-points around air quality and movement, and co-design solutions that leverage these factors toward increasing performance at work. The focus is on the creation of solutions that people can achieve -Right Now- i.e. within the context of their own (perhaps sub-optimal) workplaces. We will produce initial prototypes of possible solutions; and develop actions towards establishing a community of practice dedicated to designing for air quality and movement as complementary factors in workplaces.

Max 4 page paper- SIGCHI Extended Abstracts format. Non-anonymised.

Submit via email to:

Submission due: 20th July​ 2018


Notification: 10th August 2018


Camera Ready: 25th August 2018


Workshop date: 12th October 2018

Invitation to participate

Does your research involve air quality and/or human movement/exercises?- If so, this workshop is for you. 

Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) negatively affects cognitive performance and reduces concentration and productivity. Conversely, exercise, measurably improves creativity during and after exercise and reduces risk of long-term health concerns. In this way, human movement conceivably act as an antidote to cognitive performance decrements due to poor IAQ. Yet while movement and air quality are both important concerns in maintaining cognitive performance at work, these factors are not always considered as interrelated or complementary factors. An opportunity exists to better explore the cross-overs and design touchpoints possible across air quality and exercise in workplaces. Performance Right Now aims to bring together researchers in this space, to share insights, ideate opportunities for collaborations and designs at the intersections of air quality and movement research, and to establish an enduring community of practice around these intersections.

This workshop is born out of the EPSRC Refresh project, dedicated to understanding how static and transient indoor conditions affect human performance, and the GetAMoveOn Network, aiming to transform health through enabling mobility.

Invitation to participate

Call for participation

Performance Right Now is held as part of the 2018 ACM International Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing (UbiComp 2018).

Participation requires submission a four-page position paper from researchers, practitioners and designers in the UbiComp and CHI communities currently producing design solutions incorporating air quality and/or human movement/exercise informatics. Position papers should contain (1) an introduction your area of research/design and key knowledge gaps, (2) your specific contributions made, (3) considerations on the inclusion or potential overlap of your research area with air quality / movement / cognitive performance in your future research, and (4) a short biography (not included in page limit).

Research areas of interest to the workshop include (but are not limited to):

Air quality (indoor or outdoor)

• Personal exposure profiling
• Air quality awareness interventions (e.g. situated displays of air quality metrics)
• Behaviour change interventions involving air quality
• Research on the effect of air quality on human performance, productivity or cognitive performance


• Personal informatics or data visualisation related to movement, exercise or exertion etc
• In-bodied or em-bodied designs related to improving human/cognitive performance
• Sedentary behaviour or seating behaviour
• Behaviour change interventions towards healthier movement practices, active breaks, overcoming sedentary behaviour etc
• Research on the effect of movement/exercise/active breaks on human performance, productivity or cognitive performance



Papers submitted to Performance Right Now must be in the SIGCHI Extended Abstract format, up to 4 pages in length.

Papers should be emailed in .doc, .docx or .pdf format to the primary workshop organiser, Steve Snow, at:, using the subject line "Performancerightnow Workshop Submission". 

Papers will be selected based on the relevance of the submission to either (a) air quality or (b) human movement in relation to cognitive performance and/or work performance. If more than 20 papers are received, a selection of 20 authors will be invited to prepare a 2 minute “pitch” style presentation of their research area, knowledge gaps and contribution, which will be given at the workshop. Accepted workshop papers will be added to the ACM Digital Library and the supplemental proceedings (pending approval).

Important Dates

Submission due: 20th July​ 2018

Notification: 10th August 2018

Camera Ready: 25th August 2018

Workshop date: 12th October 2018

Call for participation

Meet the organisers

Stephen Snow: lead researcher: Refresh Project, University of Southampton.


Steve has researched indoor air quality from: (a) an HCI perspective, understanding the workplace norms around comfort, ventilation behaviour and designing ambient technology for IAQ awareness in offices; and (b) a cognitive science perspective, using a within factors study design to determine the effect of indoor CO2 concentration upon cognitive performance

m.c. schraefel: professor of computer science and human performance, University of Southampton.


m.c. leads the Refresh Project at the University of Southampton and is co-investigator of the GetaMoveOn Network. m.c. focuses on human-systems interaction with the mission to #makeNormalBetter. m.c. is an NSCA certified strength and conditioning and nutritionist coach.

Amy Jenkins: Research Fellow, Swansea University.


Amy holds a Masters degree in Sports Psychology, a PhD in Psychology and expertise in cognitive decline and the administration of cognitive performance test batteries.

Workshop organisers
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